Which Tesla Model S owner is getting the best maintenance?

Tesla Motors has a maintenance issue and its owner is complaining, so Tesla is making a public apology.The owner, an auto maintenance worker from Colorado, wrote a blog post today explaining what went wrong, and what it’s going to take to get it fixed.The company said it was “working with” the customer to help resolve […]

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How much do you want to spend on a home maintenance job?

The amount of money you’re willing to spend for home maintenance varies depending on what you want, but here are the most common expenses for a home repair job.If you’re looking to get a job as a cleaning or maintenance contractor, the typical hourly wage is around $15 per hour, which is significantly lower than […]

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How to find and fix the problems in your software maintenance

article Maintenance is not a problem-solving task.Maintenance is a problem to be solved.Maintenance, then, is a task that is not solved by a programmer.This article explores the two approaches that have emerged in software maintenance: the first involves building software, the second involves maintaining software.These two approaches are often used in the same programming language: […]

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Subaru recalls about 100,000 vehicles to fix ‘dreaded’ oil pressure sensor

A new recall of about 100k vehicles worldwide says the vehicle’s oil pressure gauge is “dangerously vulnerable” to being hacked, and could be vulnerable to being taken over by hackers, the automaker said.The recall affects about 10.7 million vehicles worldwide, including about 17 million in the U.S., the U, Germany and China, Subaru said in […]

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Which BMW M4 and M5 maintenance programs are most important?

With more than 3 million BMW M vehicles sold worldwide, the M5 and M4 are arguably the most popular cars in the world.However, these vehicles are only as good as their parts.With the advent of a number of software updates and maintenance software upgrades, the BMW M3 and M3s are in a very tough spot.While […]

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