Car maintenance cost: Under maintenance cost for new car – News24

Posted October 10, 2018 08:19:49New car maintenance costs have risen by 10 per cent since the beginning of 2018.

A car maintenance company that specialises in the cost of car maintenance in South Australia said a new car could cost $15,000 and a new owner $10,000 more.

“We are seeing a big increase in costs, the average cost of a car is $5,000 but that is up by 10 percent in a year,” said Paul Steed, director of the company, Car Maintenance Australia.

“It is the biggest cost increase since 2009 when the cost for car maintenance jumped from $2,000 to $8,000.”

“A typical new car is around $10 million, so if you bought it from someone that bought it at $5 million, it is now around $15 million.”

But it is only around $1,000 per kilometre, so it’s still very affordable.

“Mr Steed said the biggest increase was for car owners that had a warranty, who were expected to pay $2.50 a kilometre.”

So if you have a warranty and you buy a new one, that is the price of that new car,” he said.”

In the past you would pay a lot more than that because of the warranty.

“Now you pay a little bit more for the warranty but that price has gone up, so that has been the biggest driver of the increase.”

He said it was also the case for new owner vehicles.

“If you buy it at an affordable price and it’s a great car, you’re going to pay a fair price for it, and that’s what has happened,” he explained.

“The only way it’s going to get cheaper is if it’s replaced.”

For cars that are under warranty, they may get replaced for a fair bit of money.

“They can get a new engine, they can get an oil change, they could get a carfax, they might even get a repair, but they’re going through a lot of hassle.”

Mr Steed said there was also a shift in the way car maintenance was being funded.

“There’s been a big shift away from the old model of paying for the maintenance and for the repairs to the more reasonable model of being funded by the car itself, which is now being funded in a way that is more sustainable,” he continued.

“I think that’s a really important part of our future.”

Car maintenance costs are increasing and they’re increasing for everyone.

“Read more: Car maintenance costs rising at fastest rate in 10 yearsSouth Australia has a car maintenance industry of its own and it is the most expensive state in Australia.

The South Australian Government’s new car warranty scheme covers around 70 per cent of the cost.”

At the moment, the car warranty is funded by an owner, so they can take the car out to the shop, put it through their carfax and pay it off on their behalf,” Mr Steed explained.

However, the new system means some people who pay for their car’s maintenance may not be able to afford to pay for it out of their own pocket.”

You can still get a lot out of that,” he added.”

What’s interesting is that we’ve also got a car that’s been insured by a car insurance company.

“As part of that car warranty, it pays out to that car insurance to be able get the car repaired.”

That car insurance will pay the cost out to a vehicle maintenance company, and they’ll repair the car.

“Mr Strickland said he hoped the change in car maintenance policy would lead to lower car maintenance bills.”

People don’t need to go to a car dealership to have their car repaired,” he suggested.”

Why should they have to go out and buy a brand new car that costs $15k to be repaired and maintain?

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