The $500,000 cost of the $1.9 million renovation project in downtown Halifax

Posted October 01, 2018 12:38:22 After three years of renovation, the renovated Nova Scotia Parliament building is ready to be unveiled in a ceremony scheduled for Monday.

The $1,917,000 renovation was completed in March, and is the largest renovation project to take place in the Parliament building since it opened in 1988.

The renovation was spearheaded by the province’s minister of state for economic development and innovation, Peter Grits, and his wife, Lisa.

The renovations are part of the government’s $1-billion-plus investment to modernize the building.

The project, which includes new elevators and escalators, also includes new lighting, a new roof, and new seating.

It’s the first renovation of the building in almost 60 years.

The restoration will be the first of its kind in Canada, said Gritsy, who also has a new office.

He said he and his team have spent $500 million to renovate the building since 2009, which is a “tremendous” investment.

“This is an incredible building, it’s an amazing building and it’s a great building, and we just have to show it off to the world,” Gritson said.

“We’re going to make it the best it can be.”

The $50,000 restoration of the upper floor of the Parliament has been estimated to cost about $1 million, but Gritsen said that amount will be covered by the government.

Gritsche said the renovations will be a “total refurbishment.”

He said the renovation will be complete by the end of the year.

“It will be really impressive to see it come together,” Graft said.

The upper floor will be redone to include a new ceiling and a new floor, as well as a new lobby and staircase.

Graft also said the building’s existing carpeting will be replaced.

“There’s nothing on that carpet, it doesn’t matter, it will be new,” he said.

Gritz said the new floor will also feature new lighting.

“The ceiling will be in the new room,” he added.

“And the lighting will be from a new lighting system that’s been put in place,” Gritz added.

The rest of the renovations are scheduled to take about two years.

Griedemann said the project is not a new project for Nova Scotia.

“For the last 20 years, we’ve been renovating and we’ve always had the Parliament on the north side of the River Clyde, so we always knew this was going to be a major project,” Griedemeann said.

Nova Scotia Premier Stephen McNeil said the province is committed to the renovation of Parliament.

“A major part of this project is to have an economic recovery, to bring back economic activity to Nova Scotia, so it’s very important that we get this done and that the province can support it,” McNeil told CBC News.

Gritspies office is in the north-west corner of the new Parliament building. “

What we are going to do is work together to support Nova Scotia as we continue to build a vibrant economy and to create jobs here in Nova Scotia.”

Gritspies office is in the north-west corner of the new Parliament building.

A new lobby, a staircase, and a lobby chair will also be added.

This is the first time in the building that renovations have been made in that area, Gritsoy said.

He also said there will be additional lighting on the new roof.

“When you look up, you’re going down a long corridor,” Gries said.

After renovations, the upper and lower floors will be filled in.

“They’re going through some serious renovation right now and it looks really great,” Grief said.

There will be an ice rink for the players to skate on, and the new seating will be made from reclaimed material.

The entire building will be decorated in a new colour palette, with the new colours reflecting the colours of the current flag, which has been flown at the building for more than 40 years.

In a statement released Monday, the minister said the government is “very proud” of the work done on the renovations.

“In fact, the first thing we did was get this place ready to reopen, which was something that had been a challenge for so long,” he wrote.

“These renovations will make Parliament a much more attractive place to visit, and to be able to do business, and also be able sit and watch movies in peace.”

Gries, who said the restoration of Parliament is a lot like the restoration to a building he owned in Toronto, said he is also proud to be part of a historic project.

“Now it’s time to show that this is a place that people want to come back to,” Giede said.

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