Which is better for your child’s dental health: oral health or dental care?

Infants and toddlers in India are taking their first steps into the modern era, as they are being given the best oral health care possible.

In a survey conducted by the Tata Institute of Medical Sciences, the researchers found that almost 80% of the 1,971 respondents said oral health was the most important consideration in their child’s care.

In addition, the study found that nearly two-thirds of respondents (64%) said that oral health is the most significant factor for dental health.

These findings indicate that dental health is a priority for many parents, especially when it comes to the development of oral health.

The researchers also found that more than half of the Indian parents surveyed had a regular dentist who was available during their child ‘s visit.

The majority of these parents (52%) said they had never visited a dentist in their lifetime.

In terms of oral hygiene, the survey found that 80% (1,973) of the parents surveyed did not follow proper hygiene guidelines during their visit to their child.

A full 94% of parents said they did not bathe their child in tap water during their visits.

In addition, parents were also not aware of their children’s oral health status.

These findings suggest that parents need to take preventive measures for their children, especially as oral health continues to be a growing concern for them.

Dr. Suman Kumar, a pediatric dentist from Kolkata, India, who was the lead author of the survey, said the results of the study showed that there are many reasons behind parents not taking preventive measures to ensure their children are getting the best dental care possible during their yearly visits.

“This could be the result of the low number of parents, or parents who do not have regular dental health appointments, or who do their visit at the wrong time, or it could be due to a lack of time, since the survey was conducted in the middle of winter and early spring,” Dr. Kumar said.

The survey also found a high rate of neglect and poor oral hygiene among parents.

“This is not surprising since there is a huge lack of awareness among parents about their child and their oral health needs,” Dr Kumar said, adding that parents often feel that they are responsible for the health of their child because they are not taking care of their family.

Dr Kumar added that parents should also consider dental health as a key aspect of child care.

“Dental health is essential for the development and growth of children.

Parents should take care of this important aspect of their kids’ health, and also ensure that their children receive the best care possible,” he said.

In an age where oral health has been an increasing concern in India, many parents continue to miss out on oral health visits.

The survey showed that the number of children who have not had their oral hygiene checkups was at an all-time high of 7%.

This is because most parents have a poor understanding of the importance of oral care in their childrens lives, said Dr. Suryakumar Sankar, the lead researcher.

According to the researchers, the importance and importance of dental health in children is often neglected.

“It is a good sign that there is an increase in parents’ awareness about the importance they place on dental health,” Dr Sankan added.

The study also found an alarming number of Indian parents who have children who are overweight or obese.

“Many parents do not know that overweight children are at a greater risk of dental problems, which can be especially detrimental for children with poor oral health,” said Dr Suman.

According a recent study, more than 50% of children in India have a risk of developing dental problems.

While oral health may be a key component of dental care, there are other health issues that may be overlooked by parents.

For instance, tooth decay, gum disease, gingivitis and infection are the most common diseases that affect the oral health of children and adolescents in India.

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