How to stop pirating your home aquarium

An article by MTV News contributor Steve J. Smith detailing the best ways to stop piracy on your home network and how to prevent your home from becoming a pirate lair.1.

Install a firewall (the one that allows you to block all traffic to your home)2.

Connect your network to the Internet and turn off all the other networks you connect to.3.

Delete any and all files you don’t want downloaded onto your hard drive.4.

Remove any and everything from your hard drives.5.

Plug in a new hard drive for backup.6.

Use a different password for your home computer.7.

If you have multiple accounts, change the password for each.8.

Put a password in your computer for a password manager to be able to set up a new password.9.

If your password is not in order, try changing your password on a second account.10.

Set up your email and phone accounts to log in using different passwords.11.

Install any and every other software you may have on your computer, and change them.12.

Delete all your photos and videos from your computer.13.

Change your home screen wallpaper.14.

Install an antivirus and remove any and the entire internet from your home.15.

Download a new, up-to-date version of Norton Personal Security.16.

If the pirating is still happening, remove the new Norton Personal security from your system and install a new Norton Security Professional version.17.

Get a new router, as they’re all pretty much the same as a new PC.18.

Install all of the security software you have.19.

Install your VPN and use a VPN app that has your ISP’s IP address blocked.20.

Remove all your pirating software from your internet browser and turn it off.21.

Change the password on all your accounts and then delete all of your accounts.22.

Install the latest version of the Norton antivirus software.23.

Put in a backup copy of your files.24.

Install another copy of Norton Security.25.

Remove the password from your account.26.

Disable the VPN app from your browser and all of its files and apps.27.

Disable any and your entire internet browsing from your desktop.28.

Install Norton Backup.29.

Use the Norton Backup app to restore any data from your data storage.30.

Disable all other Norton apps and websites from your web browser and internet browser.31.

Change all your passwords.32.

Turn off all of Google and Bing search engines and Internet Explorer.33.

Disable your antivirus.34.

Disable Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, and the Google Play Store.35.

Disable Google’s Search Console and all the security features they offer.36.

Change any and/or all passwords from the internet browser you’re using to your password manager.37.

Change passwords on your other home networks.38.

Disable Facebook and Google+ on your web browsers.39.

Disable Skype on your phone.40.

Disable Apple’s Safari.41.

Turn all of Facebook and other social networking services off from your mobile device.42.

Disable Safari on your mobile phone.43.

Turn your phone off and disable all of YouTube.44.

Remove and reinstall any and or all browser plug-ins from your network.45.

Disable most internet browsers and internet applications.46.

Turn on all of Apple’s apps.47.

Disable Bing, Google, Facebook, and Skype from your wireless devices.48.

Remove your web hosting provider.49.

Remove Gmail, Apple’s mobile email service, and Google Maps from your Internet browser.50.

Turn Google’s search engine off and Google’s online services off.51.

Change browser settings for Google Search.52.

Disable internet access from your Mac.53.

Disable YouTube on your desktop computer.54.

Remove Skype from all of their services.55.

Remove Google Search and all other social network services.56.

Turn Netflix off and remove Google’s video service.57.

Disable Hulu.58.

Disable FaceTime and Google Hangouts.59.

Turn YouTube off and turn Google’s Video service off.60.

Turn Safari on and turn all of Gmail and Google Search off.61.

Disable email on your Mac and all social media apps.62.

Turn any of your browser plug in’s off.63.

Disable Netflix, YouTube, and all Google services.64.

Disable Chrome, Safari, and Facebook.65.

Disable Gmail and Facebook on your phones.66.

Turn Skype off and the VPN off.67.

Remove Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 from your devices.68.

Delete Facebook and Twitter from your phones and websites.69.

Turn Internet Explorer and Chrome off and all their services off to your browser.70.

Turn Firefox off and shut all of it’s services down.71.

Turn Chrome on and block Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and Skype on any and their websites.72.

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