How to get rid of Windows Updates

A lot of people love to get updates from Microsoft’s Windows Update service.

It’s a convenient way to check for updates and get patches that may have been pushed to your computer, without having to install them.

However, some people are having a hard time getting Windows Updates installed in the first place.

Some of those users are complaining that the update process takes too long to complete.

That’s why some of the more recent Windows Updates have had to be manually installed.

Microsoft has also added new tools to the Windows Update toolbox, such as the “Update Control Panel” to automate the process.

This is a new tool that has been built into Windows 10.

Here’s how to get the Windows 10 Update to install on your computer: 1.

Open Control Panel > Updates > Update Control Panel.

This panel will appear as a window with a “Add Windows Updates” button at the bottom of the screen.


Click the “Next” button to jump to the next page of the Update Control panel.


Once at the next “Next page” page, click “Continue”.

You will now see a new window with the Windows updates listed in the “Updates” column.

Click “Next”.


Click on “Next Update”.

The “Next Windows Update” page will open with the “Windows Updates” option listed.

You will see a list of the current Windows Updates in the list.

You can click “Next to add” or “Next”, depending on whether you want to add the Windows Updates to your existing install of Windows.

You don’t need to add them manually, as you can add them directly to your system.


When you are done, you will see the “Completed” window.

Click next to continue.


Click again to skip to the “New” or next “Updating” option.

The next page will show you all the updates for the current day or week.

If you need to update your PC, you can click on “Settings” to do so. 7.

You may be asked to confirm that you want all updates to be installed automatically, but it will not happen unless you do so, and you will be asked again to confirm you want the updates to download automatically.


You’ll see a screen that asks you to confirm the update for your computer.

Click confirm.


You should now see all the Windows update updates listed under the Windows “Up” button, in the order they are listed.

The update is installed.


You are now ready to update.

Click yes to confirm.


When the update is finished downloading, it will appear in the Windows Control Panel, under “Windows Update” on the left-hand side.

Click to close it.

You now have the latest updates for your PC.

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