How to prevent pneumonia: What you need to know

You may have heard that a pneumonia infection is rare and that if you don’t have it, you shouldn’t even bother getting the flu shot.

But a new study suggests it’s not true.

New research published in the American Journal of Infection Control shows that getting pneumonia is not as common as you might think, and even if you do have pneumonia, you’re not going to get sick and you don.

In fact, a pneumonia diagnosis is a pretty good indicator of how well you’re doing on your own immune system and the severity of your illness.

In a study published in Current Biology, researchers found that the odds of getting pneumonia in the first month of infection were almost as low as the odds if you had an infection for the first week of infection.

This is a good thing.

If you have a fever, cold, or other symptoms, then the odds are even lower.

But if you have pneumonia and have the flu or another flu-like illness, you should be worried.

Here are some things you should know about pneumonia.

Why pneumonia is so common If you’re concerned about your risk of getting a pneumonia, don’t stop there.

It’s important to understand that pneumonia isn’t caused by viruses.

It can be caused by bacteria or fungi that live in your nose, mouth, or throat.

If it’s your nose that’s infected, then you have more than one possible source of infection: bacteria in your mouth, nose, or lungs, or viruses in your blood.

In other words, it’s very difficult to diagnose pneumonia because the two most common sources of pneumonia are viruses and bacteria.

To diagnose pneumonia, your doctor should do an endoscopy to look for bacteria, or a CT scan.

These can reveal how many different bacteria are in your body and what they’re doing.

It also helps if your doctor has a good understanding of your immune system, the type of bacteria you have, and what’s causing your symptoms.

It helps to have a history of pneumonia in your family or health care history, and to know the symptoms you have.

How do I get pneumonia?

It’s not just the flu that causes pneumonia.

Other common symptoms that you may have include: feeling tired, low energy, and irritability

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