Why we need to buy more fuel-efficient cars

What we need is more fuel efficient cars.

The latest report from the Canadian Automobile Association says that while the world is now producing more vehicles, the average age of a vehicle is still in its mid-20s, meaning the average person is still on the road.

But the number of vehicles per person in the world has dropped by almost 60% in the past decade, with a total of almost 1.7 billion vehicles, or about 8% of the global total.

That’s not just because of China, where the average car has lost almost 70% of its value since 2007.

It’s also because of the increasing use of electric vehicles and fuel-saving technologies.

With such a large percentage of the population on the roads, it’s understandable that automakers are looking for ways to get them to drive more fuel efficiently.

But what’s the cost of buying an average car?

The answer, according to the CAA, is around $2,600.

That means the average consumer pays about $50,000 per year for a new car.

But there are also a number of other costs that can make it difficult to get an average vehicle on the streets.

You can see the cost at work in the CTA report, which breaks down the cost for buying an SUV with a base price of $28,000.

The average buyer is likely to be older, have more years of education and less income, and so have more money in the bank to cover all the expenses associated with buying an ordinary car.

In other words, the cost to buy an average-priced car is much higher than it looks.

The CAA says that for a typical SUV to meet the cost, it needs to have an average fuel economy of 15 miles per gallon.

So that’s a $1,000 increase over a standard car.

That increase is due to the increased emissions associated with the use of advanced vehicles, and also to the fact that vehicles that can be driven at higher speeds can get away with higher fuel economy.

There’s also a price increase associated with higher CO2 emissions, because an extra mile of range translates into a more expensive fuel economy, even if the average vehicle doesn’t use as much CO2.

The cost to pay for an average SUV is about $3,600, which translates to about $1.2 million for the average buyer.

To make matters worse, the increase in average cost is even higher if the SUV is an SUV, rather than a minivan, or a pickup.

That adds up to a much higher cost to the average household.

To put that in perspective, the CCA says that the average cost to purchase an average Toyota Corolla is $25,500, which means that a family of four is paying $1 million for a car that costs about $2 million to buy.

That would equate to an extra $3.2 billion in extra annual bills.

How can we cut our gas bill?

The CTA estimates that the typical household in the U.S. would save $4,300 a year if they switched from gas to alternative fuels.

But it’s not enough to offset the costs associated with using an average gas-powered car, which can add up to an additional $1 trillion a year, or $5,800 for every American.

There are also other costs to consider.

If you are paying a lot of gas, you can choose to have a small-scale fleet, where you buy a large fleet of vehicles that all use different kinds of fuels.

You might even buy a fleet that is used primarily by people who drive only one vehicle.

But if your gas bill is just $3 a month, the savings will only be about $6 a month.

If that’s not a great deal, then there are a number different ways to reduce your fuel bill.

One option is to purchase a hybrid, which will run on different types of fuels and is not a large part of the average U.M. driver’s daily commute.

If it’s a hybrid or an EV, it will be used on a range of different routes, depending on the type of car and the amount of fuel you use.

There is also the option of buying a hybrid vehicle, which is a combination of a hybrid car and a gasoline vehicle.

This means you can use both hybrid and conventional fuel on a single trip.

A hybrid vehicle is also better for the environment because it is made of different materials and can be transported at different speeds, so there are fewer emissions and no need for additional infrastructure.

There also are ways to save money that are not based on a particular type of vehicle.

For example, if you buy an electric car, then you can pay less for a battery.

The electric vehicle battery pack that you buy is made from materials that are less likely to break down over time, such as aluminum, steel and titanium.

That makes them cheaper to purchase than conventional batteries,

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