Which companies do you think will pay the most for fireplaces?

In this Jan. 14, 2018, file photo, a customer walks past the fireplace installation at the St. Louis City Furniture Center in St. Charles, Missouri.

It is part of a nationwide trend that aims to make fireplaces more affordable, but not always by cutting costs.

(AP Photo/Michael Conroy, File) A report from the National Association of Realtors (NAR) says that, overall, the average American homeowner will pay $9,400 for a new fireplace, up from $8,500 last year.

That’s up from an average of $8.90 in 2012.

That figure has jumped from $7,600 in 2015 to $8 million this year.

It also includes the cost of a new wood stove, which is typically much higher.

“Fireplaces are one of the least expensive home accessories in the house,” said Chris DeBruyn, the NAR’s president.

“The average home now costs $3,000, a number that is well below the pre-recession peak of $4,200 in 2015.”NAR’s report, released this week, is based on data from more than 400,000 listings for new and used fireplaces.

It includes information on how many people are using the appliances and how much they cost.

While the report does not give specific numbers, it says that the number of people who pay more than the average homeowner for a fireplace has been rising over the past five years.

In addition to the rising price of a fireplace, there are a variety of other reasons people buy new fireplaces: They want to be more stylish, they want to feel more connected to the outdoors and they want a more functional fireplace.

NAR points out that fireplaces are also more expensive because they are much more labor intensive.

The report says that nearly 20 percent of the homes with a new fireplace have never been updated.

That is down from more that 28 percent in 2013.

The National Association for Realtor, a trade association, says that in 2016, the majority of new homes in the U.S. were on the market, up slightly from a year earlier.

That increase was partly due to the introduction of a mortgage interest deduction for new home purchases.

It has since been rolled back.

Nars research suggests that the average home with a fireplace will be more than $100,000 cheaper than a comparable home without a fireplace.

It’s worth noting that new fireside improvements are relatively inexpensive for homebuyers.

The NAR found that new firehouses typically cost about $1,500.

NARS says the cost for an existing firehouse is typically about $6,000.NAR estimates that new fireplace improvements could save $3 billion in the next decade.

That would be enough to cover the cost to build an average new home, save a family of four and reduce the average household size by 2.7 people.

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