When you need to take your computer offline for maintenance

The internet can be a tough place, especially when you’re working from home.

Thankfully, there are apps that let you check on your computer, and they’re often free.

Here are the top 3 free maintenance apps.


TuneMate – TuneMates is a free app that lets you listen to music while you are online, which is great if you are going to a friend’s house.

It can also make calls, set timers, and send text messages.


Widgetmator – WidgetMator is a handy little app that helps you keep track of your tasks and get notifications whenever you need them.

It also lets you keep tabs on your calendar and track your time and money.


Calendar Tracker – Calendar Tracker is another free app to check your work schedule.

It’s basically a calendar app that keeps track of what you have planned for the week.


Calendar – A free calendar app for Android.

It has a beautiful interface that lets users see and edit calendar events.

It even comes with an offline mode so you can keep it on your phone or tablet.


Calendar Sync – Sync your calendar with other calendars from Google Calendar.

It is also compatible with Apple’s Calendar app.


Calendaring – Calendare is an app that is basically a free calendar that you can sync with other calendaring apps like Apple’s iCal.


Calendar-Sync – Sync with Calendario.


Calendar.com – A really neat calendar sync app that’s a little pricier, but that’s because it requires a paid subscription.


CalendarSync for Mac – Another free calendar sync for Mac that you will need to pay for.


Calendar sync for iOS – Another calendar sync that will cost you $1.99.


Calendar,CalendarSync and CalendarSync.net – All free apps to sync your calendar, appointments, and more.


Calender.com (free) – This free app will sync your calendars with your other calendar apps and syncs all your events.


CalendarTunes – An excellent free calendar calendar app.

It lets you easily view all your calendar events, sync calendars, and make calls.


FreeCalendar.com/calendar – Another app that will sync calendars with Apple Calendar.


Calendar and Time – Another great free calendar synchronization app that has many features that can be turned on or off.


Calyst – Another Free Calendars app that can sync calendars.


Calendar Time – This is another calendar sync, but it has an additional feature that can automatically sync events that happen in the same calendar year.


Time Tracker – Another useful free calendar time tracker that syncs your calendar.


CalendarWatch – Another simple free calendar tracker.


Calendar Calendar – Another amazing free calendar syncing app.


Calendar Clock – Another one that has a great free app and a paid app.


CalendarClock – Another powerful free calendar clock app that you need a paid version of. 23.

Calendar Timeline – Another fun free calendar watch app that synches events that occur in the calendar year with your calendar as well.


Calendar Calendar Sync 2 – Another very powerful free Calendar sync app.


Calendar clock – Another syncable calendar sync with all your apps.


Calendar History – Another pretty free calendar history sync with Apple and Google Calendar, Google Calendar and many more.


Calendar Tasks – Another neat free calendar tinker with your Google Calendar or Calendar.


Calendar Diary – Another popular free calendar diary app.


Calc Calendar – An interesting free calendar calculator that can add dates and other data.


CalC Calendar – Calcalcalcal is another great free calcalcal calendar app with tons of other features.


Calendar Watch – Another easy free calendar timer app.


Calcal Calendar Sync 3 – Another excellent free cal calcal calendar clock.


Calendar Timer – Another smart calcal timer app that adds the ability to create a calendar with the same day of the week, month, and day of week as your calendar entries.


Calendar Tricks – Another handy free calendar trick calculator that is compatible with many apps.


CalCalCal Calendar – This calcal calcal is a powerful free cal calendar calculator.


Calendars Calendar – One of the best free cal calendars on the market.


Calendar Pro – A powerful free Calendars calendar calculator for Windows.


Calipers Calendar – Free calcal calculator for Mac.


Calendar Calculator – Free Calcal calculator on Windows.


Callea Calendar – Newest free Calcal calendar calculator app for Windows and Mac.


Cal-Cal Calendar Pro (Free) – Free and easy to use calcal Calendar Calculator.


Calalcal Calendar Pro Free – Free calendar calculator with all of the bells and whistles. 43.

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