The $500,000 cost of the $1.9 million renovation project in downtown Halifax

Posted October 01, 2018 12:38:22 After three years of renovation, the renovated Nova Scotia Parliament building is ready to be unveiled in a ceremony scheduled for Monday.The $1,917,000 renovation was completed in March, and is the largest renovation project to take place in the Parliament building since it opened in 1988.The renovation was spearheaded by […]

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Which deck is most likely to be broken?

The latest deck maintenance services are the most popular.In a poll conducted by Axios and The Verge, the most common deck maintenance options are deck maintenance decks, which require a minimum maintenance duration of one day, and deck maintenance suites, which offer a maximum maintenance duration.The average maintenance cost per deck is $4.60, and the […]

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What’s happening to BMW’s maintenance and repair efforts in Europe?

By David M. Shorrocks, Wired staff editorApril 19, 2018We can thank BMW for that.The BMW M3 was a vehicle that BMW built and sold around the world, and that’s been a major contributor to BMWs maintenance and service history.The company had just released its 10-year maintenance plan in September of this year, and it was […]

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How to Make Your Perio Diet Easier and More Healthful

It’s easy to get frustrated when you’re on a diet, and you might feel like you’re going nowhere with it.And you might be right.But you don’t have to stop trying.This easy-to-follow, easy-treats recipe for a healthy perio diet is easy to follow, and it can be fun and easy to stick to.Read More , or, […]

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Which is better for your child’s dental health: oral health or dental care?

Infants and toddlers in India are taking their first steps into the modern era, as they are being given the best oral health care possible.In a survey conducted by the Tata Institute of Medical Sciences, the researchers found that almost 80% of the 1,971 respondents said oral health was the most important consideration in their […]

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Hyundai takes over maintenance department for Toyota

A new Hyundai maintenance division has taken over the Toyota maintenance division in the United States.The Hyundai maintenance service department will work directly with Toyota to address any issues that are a result of vehicle maintenance issues.Hyundai will also offer to provide Toyota with free vehicle maintenance and inspection services.The new division will be headed […]

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