What you need to know about the maintenance fee

Maintenance fees for Canada’s roads are rising and the cost of repairs is going up, a new study says.

The average rate for the first six months of the year is $3,716 per day for motorists in Canada.

That’s $2,874 more than the previous six months.

The report from the Insurance Bureau of Canada (IBC) says a number of factors contributed to the increase.

“It’s a bit of a wake-up call,” said Ian Hogg, senior vice-president and general manager of the Insurance Institute of Canada.

“We know there’s a lot of maintenance out there that is being performed and that is very costly.”

Hogg said many of the problems were the result of a lack of communication between the province and the federal government.

“The communication is so poor that they’re not really even talking about it,” he said.

A lack of coordination between provinces and municipalities has led to the “unprecedented” increase in the costs of repairing roads, he said, with Ontario and Alberta taking the lead.

Hogg pointed to a $1.2 billion increase in repair costs in 2017, from $1 billion to $1,923 per day.

“In 2017 alone, we’re now seeing the cost increase to about $3.7 billion,” Hogg told reporters in Calgary on Wednesday.

“That’s an increase of about $1 trillion per year.”

The provincial government did not respond to CBC News’ request for comment.

The Insurance Institute says the province needs to do more to improve road maintenance, including better training and better communication.

The province has been criticized for its failure to provide proper training and equipment to drivers, and is working on a plan to make road repairs more efficient.

The provincial and federal governments both agree that more roads should be maintained and repaired.

A report released in January by the Canadian Road Safety Agency (CRSA) estimated the cost to repair a typical road in Canada is $16.5 billion.

It said road maintenance in Canada was a major cause of Canada’s economic slowdown.

The study found the average cost for repairs to a road in 2016 was $822 per day, up from $805 per day in 2016.

A year earlier, the average was $621 per day and the average price for repair of a road was $3 million, up $500 million from a year earlier.

Hagg said a significant portion of the cost increases in the new report are due to the federal Highway Safety Act.

“So if the federal act was in place, and if you’re going to have maintenance fees, then we would have to charge them,” Hagg told CBC News.

“If they’re paying for it, they should be able to do it.”

The CRSA study also noted that Canada’s roadways are aging.

“There is a significant and growing need for roads that are in a better condition, in a more efficient condition, and in a cost-effective condition,” the report said.

The CRSC report recommended a “road safety commission” to make sure road maintenance is paid for and ensure the public is properly informed about road maintenance costs.

Hogs says the road safety commission would be a good idea, but it would have significant challenges.

“They would be dealing with all these issues,” he added.

“You’d have a lot more people in charge of the commission.

You’d have to have a mandate to do that.”

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