The most important lessons from the NYPD’s ‘mosaic’ strategy

New York City’s police department has been operating in a “mosaics” state of mind since its inception, one that has included “tactical exercises, training, and drills,” according to a new report.

The NYPD has been known to engage in “marching orders” and “pre-deployment exercises,” the NYPD Post says.

As a result, officers are being trained to take on “situational awareness” by the department’s commanders, according to the report.

In other words, the NYPD is using a lot of tactics that aren’t usually employed by police departments.

The report is the first of its kind, and it paints a pretty grim picture of the department, which is facing an uptick in calls for service and has had to hire more civilian police officers to keep up with the demands of the growing police force.

“The NYPD’s militarization has been on a steady rise over the past several years,” the report says.

“This uptick in militarization is the result of a systemic pattern of overuse of force by police officers.

It has also been a direct consequence of the NYPD being forced to adopt tactics that are not used by the military.”

One of the most disturbing aspects of the report is how many of the tactics that have been deemed “militarized” are already widely used by other law enforcement agencies.

For example, in a recent case, a white officer in New York allegedly pulled a gun on a black man and then shot him with a Taser.

The officer was caught on video, but the officer was never charged with a crime.

The New York Times notes that other agencies, like the Los Angeles Police Department, also use “mesh warfare” to combat protests and unrest, as did the Cleveland police department in 2016, when two officers allegedly used a Tasers on a group of demonstrators.

“While police officers are trained to use weapons, some tactics are more appropriate for civilian use than others,” the police report says, noting that the NYPD “continues to use ‘nonlethal’ weapons such as batons, bean bags, rubber bullets, pepper spray, and Tasers.”

It goes on to detail the NYPD tactics that it uses to try and maintain order and reduce the possibility of violence.

“During a non-violent crowd-control tactic, police may deploy ‘facial-distancing’ to mask the identity of the people in the crowd or the size of the crowd,” the paper writes.

“When people are in the midst of a large group, police might ‘move the crowd away’ with their body language and/or ‘tactically shift their weight to the back of the group to create a ‘neutral zone’ in the center of the gathering.”

According to the NYPD, the tactics the department uses “include crowd-moving maneuvers, physical contact, use of a stun gun, and use of ‘bouncer’ tactics,” which involves officers “using physical force against individuals and/ or objects in order to disrupt the crowd’s ability to ‘talk’ to them.”

But the NYPD also uses tactics that can be dangerous and even deadly.

In 2014, police used a tactic called “takedowns,” in which officers use stun guns to arrest people and throw them into a van.

The practice was banned after videos of the event surfaced.

The Department of Justice launched an investigation into the practice and determined that the tactic was “dangerous and unnecessary.”

It found that the practice was “taken advantage of to unnecessarily and unnecessarily escalate confrontations with individuals and vehicles” and that it violated the Fourth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.

Police officers are also known to use chokeholds on people in order “to stop them from speaking” and to “distract from the officer’s duties.”

A 2015 report from the American Civil Liberties Union found that at least seven police departments have used chokehold tactics in the past decade, and that the New York Police Department has used it on more than 60 people in that same time period.

In another case, the ACLU found that in 2016 a white New York officer allegedly choked and beat a black suspect, resulting in the man being charged with resisting arrest and assault on a police officer.

Another NYPD officer was recently accused of choking a mentally ill woman during an arrest.

In an email, the New Orleans Police Department said that it was “actively investigating” the allegations.

“No disciplinary action has been taken and no disciplinary action is being taken,” it said.

“We have taken swift action to review the allegations, and the matter will be reviewed by the Office of Professional Accountability and Conduct.”

As a police force, the department is also “a leader in its militarization,” according the report, and many of its tactics are used “to protect officers from the public, to combat terrorism, and to support the work of our counterterrorism unit.”

The NYPD also “frequently” targets immigrants, Muslims, people of color, LGBTQ people, people who

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