What you need to know about car maintenance to keep your car safe from thieves

Cars are being robbed at an alarming rate.

But as the cost of maintenance continues to soar, auto industry experts say you should take care of your car.

Car maintenance experts are telling you what you need and what to do to stay safe and keep your vehicle running smoothly.


Always check the engine before running.

The first thing you need is an engine check.

You can do this online or in the car’s factory.

If the car has an automatic transmission, it will need a check to make sure the oil pressure and coolant level is correct.

If you’re using an electric motor, check the motor’s timing belt, or make sure it’s working properly.

If it’s running fine, check that the transmission is in good working order.

The engine check should take about 10 minutes to complete.

If not, you may need to perform a manual engine check to ensure everything is correct before you begin your drive.


If your car doesn’t have a diagnostic tool, you should call 911 or go to the nearest mechanic.

If there’s a tool, check its packaging, and if the tool isn’t included in your car’s manual, call 911.

If that doesn’t work, you can get a diagnostic kit at your local auto parts store.

The diagnostic kit will help you determine the cause of your problem.


If a mechanic doesn’t appear, go to your nearest car dealership.

Some dealerships will send you an email when a mechanic comes in, but most won’t.

They may ask you to wait until you get to the dealership.

If they won’t send you a letter, you have two options: Go to the dealer and call the phone number listed on the receipt or call 911 and speak to the owner.

If neither option is working, you’ll need to go to a mechanic’s office.

If both methods aren’t working, call a local police station and speak with the owner, who will likely be able to provide you with a police report.


Check your engine oil.

The oil in your engine should be at least three times the normal level, according to the Auto Club of America.

Make sure you check the oil at least twice daily to ensure there’s no leakage.


Don’t overdo it.

You shouldn’t be adding more oil or fuel to your engine, but if you’re adding a lot of fuel, it can add to the risk of a leak.


Don,t use a battery charger.

The more oil you use, the more chance there’s going to be a leak, especially if the charger doesn’t provide enough power to the engine.

You should use a regular battery charger to keep the oil and fuel from dripping.


If running too slowly, check your brakes.

Brakes are designed to keep you from slipping off the gas, so you should use them only when you’re sure the engine is in perfect condition.

You’ll want to check your brake pads, pads, and calipers as well.

You also may want to look at your engine to see if the transmission or transmission belt is tight, so check it periodically.


If someone steals your car, you shouldn’t drive it home.

Thieves often steal cars because they want to make quick money.

If somebody breaks into your car and takes it, it’s likely that it will be a stolen vehicle, not the owner’s.

Don the car.


Use your car alarm clock.

If an alarm sounds while you’re driving, stop the car and notify a dispatcher or 911.

A police officer will likely escort you to a police station.


Use a windshield wiper.

Many people have been known to get into accidents by hitting the windshield of a car and knocking the wiper on.

If possible, keep your windows closed.


Use extra-strong gloves.

Your hands and fingers will get tired over time, so use gloves that are comfortable.


Always wear a face shield.

Your car will probably get wet if you don’t cover your face properly.


Be careful around children.

Some people, especially children, have trouble wearing safety goggles.

Use goggles or a face cover if possible.


If something goes wrong while driving, always make an emergency stop.

If things don’t go right, you’re going to have to go through a lot more of that stress in the future.

Don your seatbelt.


Take a shower after you take a shower.

After washing up, rinse your hands and body thoroughly with soap and water.


Use hand sanitizer.

If this isn’t an option, use a bleach solution.

It should last about three minutes, so don’t worry if it doesn’t do much.


Always drive in a safe zone.

You don’t want to be driving in a dangerous area with other people, or you may get a DUI.

You may also want to take extra care around kids, who can be a big danger if they get into the car or have accidents.

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