How to calculate your car maintenance cost

A simple formula to figure out how much you need to pay for car maintenance in your area may be all you need, according to a new ABC News investigation.

In the end, that means you can pay less for a repair than if you did all of the work yourself.ABC News has learned that if you don’t have the money for a car service, there’s a good chance you will be unable to find a replacement for your vehicle.ABC news contacted dozens of auto repair shops around the country and found that a small number had an annual maintenance requirement of $100.

This was a fairly modest number for the cost of a new car, especially when you factor in the cost and time to make repairs.ABC’s investigative reporter, David Chiu, says that the amount of time it takes to fix a new vehicle could make it more costly than a new repair.ABC found that the cost to repair a $200,000 vehicle ranges from $100 to $1,200.

If you want to find out what it will cost you to repair your vehicle, ABC News has put together a list of car maintenance costs for each state, and a breakdown of the number of hours required to fix your vehicle with a typical car service.

The numbers in the chart below are for average annual maintenance requirements, and do not take into account repairs made over a longer period of time, such as if you have a mechanic on staff.

If you want a more detailed breakdown of car service costs, you can click here to see a breakdown for each of the states.ABCNews: Where can I find a car repair service?ABC News: How much does a new or used car maintenance requirement cost? Where is the cheapest car service in your community?ABCNEWS: What if I don’t want to do a car maintenance check?’s report is available here.

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