How to fix Fallout 4’s ‘looting’ bug

A Fallout 4 modding community has been struggling with a bug that allows players to loot and sell items they haven’t acquired through gameplay, a feature they can’t really do until they actually own the items.

The fix is available via the game’s official forums, and is being pushed to the public for the first time in recent weeks.

The issue can occur when the player character gets to a location, and they then leave the game without having purchased the item, or a key, or otherwise gotten the item.

Players can also purchase items with the ‘loot’ option, but they will need to spend a lot of time in the area to make it work.

A modder who goes by the name of LulzMaster has been working on a fix for the bug, and has published the results of his efforts on the forums.

A post in the modding subreddit details how to fix the bug.

To fix the problem, you must first open the game and locate the Vault Dweller and head inside the Vault.

You must then press the ‘R’ key on the keyboard and select the ‘Loot’ button.

When you get to the Vault, you will find a small chest with an item that can be purchased.

You can then press this button to obtain the item you want.

Lulzmaster explains the situation to his Reddit post.

Once you obtain the weapon, you can use it as you wish, but it will remain in your inventory for 3 days after you have acquired it.

You will be able to equip it to any weapon you already own, but you will need a key to do so.

Once this key is obtained, the item will stay in your player inventory for a further 3 days, and once this happens, the character will no longer have the item and will be unable to use it.

If you want to change your mind about the item after this point, you have to pay for the item using a currency known as a ‘gift’ (a coin is required).

The game then locks you out of the Vault until you either purchase a key or make it available for purchase with a currency called a ‘luminary token’ (LTD) to another player.

After purchasing the LTD, the game will give you another item, but the LUTS will not be active.

This means you cannot sell or trade any items you have already purchased, even if you have the same LUTs that are still in your possession.

It’s not immediately clear how this bug affects the game, or if it’s something that can only be fixed through the game itself, but Bethesda has addressed the issue on the game forums and on the developer’s Twitter account.

This isn’t the first bug Bethesda has faced with the game.

Players were having issues getting the ‘Lockpick’ and ‘Thief’ weapons for Fallout 4 through the ‘inventory’ options, and had to purchase them via a coin, which could cause the item to disappear.

The developer has also faced issues with the loot system in Fallout 4, where players were getting locked out of certain areas by having their character not actually be in that area at all.

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