‘My mom will take care of me’ – My mom will be there for me if I am ill

My mom, who has lived in a mental hospital since she was a teenager, is making plans to be there when my family returns to the US to visit my grandmother, who is recovering from pneumonia.

“My mom is here with us,” she told the Guardian.

“My mom knows what to do.

She will be the one to care for us when we are in a difficult situation.”

Her daughter, Shabana, a 21-year-old junior at a school in Delhi, told the Indian Express that her mother would not be around for long.

“We have been waiting for my mom to come home,” she said.

“I feel sorry for my mother because she is the only one who can help us.

I would feel sad if she is not here.”

A young woman from India, who asked not to be named, told India’s NDTV that her family would not have a home without her.

“I have been looking for my mum for a long time,” she added.

“We are trying to get her to come.

She would have to come to the hospital if we don’t get her.”

India is among the world’s largest destinations for refugees.

Around 80,000 people from India are estimated to be living in India’s crowded cities.

The government says it has taken in more than 12.7 million refugees, who are mostly from war-torn countries such as Syria and Iraq.

The Indian government has faced criticism from rights groups for failing to provide basic services to the refugees.

In 2014, the UN’s Refugee Agency said it had documented some 20,000 cases of abuse by Indian authorities.

Last week, India’s government launched an initiative to allow refugees to stay in their own homes for the first time.

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