Why your car is on the road when you’re not is an expensive proposition

The maintenance checklist and vehicle maintenance log is a common reminder that your car should be serviced at least once a year.This reminder is important because the amount of maintenance required can be huge.A vehicle with an expensive fuel consumption can be the first thing to fail, so if it doesn’t start, it could cost […]

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What happens when you use high maintenance? show title A guide to the latest updates for the latest Google Photos feed

Google has updated its photos feed to include a new section called high maintenance.Google says this section will help users stay up to date with the latest and greatest photos and video content from the company’s apps.“High maintenance is a new feature to Google Photos that allows you to see what’s new in the feed […]

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Watch: Xbox 360’s new controller will be free and playable on Xbox One

The Xbox 360 controller has finally arrived.But for the time being, you’re stuck with the old one.We’ve got news about the new Xbox One controller, and you’ll be able to play it on your new Xbox.Microsoft has been working on the controller for some time, and it’s now officially available.This controller features a new design […]

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How to fix a broken tire in three easy steps

A broken tire can be a real pain.It’s not uncommon for owners to have to start from scratch, but that can be difficult.This article explains how to fix an issue that can cost thousands of dollars, or even hundreds of thousands of bucks, to fix.1.Find a replacement: Most vehicles are manufactured with different tire sizes, […]

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